Chemtrails Detox Information To Detox Heavy Metals From Your Body

Chemtrails Detox Information For Your Home And Body


WAKE UP PEOPLE! Geoengineering to our planet is happening now in the form of chemtrails through
Government experiments and actions with an agency called HAARP to alter and control weather patterns
with weather modification technology that can also to shield radar tracking signals! A growing concern is
that chemtrails including biological, toxic heavy metals, radiation and chemical experiments are also being
done in preparation to control and reduce the human population on our planet by spreading viruses and
disease. Proof of chemtrails are solid and a large surge of increased chemical spraying with heavy metals
have been measured in our air, water and soil before and after chemtrail spraying in active areas. Some
of these toxic heavy metals include Cadmium, Barium, Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Uranium, Chromium and
Thorium. When these heavy metals enter your body from the air, water or from the food that you eat,
they can weaken the immune system and allow sick mutated cells to form and propagate.

This is BLATANTLY INHUMAN and don't think that these chemtrails are BS because it isn’t! The
Chemtrail Spraying Is Real! Keep your eyes to the sky and take notice! Every single day new chemtrail
videos are being shot and shown on U-Tube for you to see. Then think about how you may be able to do
something of real value to stop the elite that are controlling our world Governments and humanity while
poisoning much of life on our planet! People of the world must band together to stop this poisoning of our
planet, because if it continues insects, animals, fish, sea life and mankind will be reduced by huge numbers
while dying off because of drastic environmental changes that will affect all food chains, the weather,
temperature of the planet and the disease and sickness that will accompany it will be amazing and

Protect Your Home's Indoor Air From Chemtrails

Many people quickly suffer and suffer greatly during chemtrail spraying! Common reactions are burning
eyes, headaches, weakness, sore throats and nose bleeds. The most sensitive people are like the canaries
the minors would take into the mines with them because they would be the first to become frantic or pass
out if the air quality went bad. These people need to quickly retreat indoors away from the chemtrails to a
clean safe indoor air environment until the chemtrails outside subside. Many of these people purchase high
quality 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners and 100 percent sealed HEPA air purifiers that include
medical grade non ozone producing ultraviolet light systems that will also kill biological contaminants and
completely remove all toxic dusts that include heavy metals from chemicals and pesticides used indoors
and from toxins that make their way indoors from the chemtrail spraying outdoors. The HEPA air purifiers
should be placed in any occupied bedroom and in the family room or den where people spend the most time.

The best resource for more quality information and these 100 percent totally sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners
and HEPA air purifiers all Made In The USA is at the website at

Detox Your Body

Then think about what you can do to protect your body and the bodies of your loved ones from these toxic
chemicals that are loaded with dangerous heavy metals that are sometimes radioactive. People that are
enlightened to this horrific environmental problem are now detoxing their bodies of the heavy metals and
radiation that are being pushed into them.

The best method for detoxing the body is with the natural micronized mineral in powder form called
Clinoptilolite zeolite which is proven to safely remove both heavy metals and radiation from the human body
while also balancing the bodies pH so it's not overly acidic.This is also very important because its a fact that
an overly acidic body weakens the immune system making the body much more susceptible for different types
of disease and Candida fungus to set in.

Urgent Note— It is important to know that all Clinoptilolite zeolites are not the same! There are companies
that are selling low quality zeolite products that are actually mined only for agricultural and industrial use that
also contain up to 18 times the FDA legal limit for mold spores in mineral supplements and they are not meant
to be used for human consumption.

The Only Zeolite Brand We Recommend

We have discovered that the zeolite manufactured by Zeo Health to be highest quality and purest Clinopitilolite
zeolite available on the market, it is 100 percent mold free and it has twice the Clinoptilolite amount then all
other zeolite products. The Clinoptilolite is the active part of the zeolite that does the detox! The heavy metal
detox product line includes its premiere product called Zeolite Pure which is a micronized tasteless powder that
can be easily mixed with water or juice when doing this detox. Zeo Health also manufacturers the same zeolite
in a capsule form called Destroxin but the Zeolite Pure powdered zeolite is less expensive and it goes down
with ease. Both of these products contain the same zeolite specifically mined for human consumption and this
is very important and a huge advantage compared to the other zeolite products on the market.

The best resource for Zeolite Pure powdered zeolite and complete product line which is without question the
highest quality zeolite for detoxing to remove the heavy metals in chemtrails along with a tremendous amount
of interesting zeolite information with plenty of third party independent test lab results to back up all claims
and with the lowest prices is at the website at



How to detox your body from toxic chemicals from chem trails | Disclaimer

Deadly Chemtrails and how to detox from the chemicals using Zeolite
Chemtrails Detox Information For Your Home And Body
Detox your body from chemicals from dangerous chem trails with Zeolite
Chem Trails Detox Information For Your Home And Body
Chemtrails Detox Information For Your Home And Body Using Zeolite
Why Detoxify?

Build-ups of waste
products, acidosis
and heavy metals
can damage our
bodies. Unbalanced
diets, pollution and
food additives can
all cause waste
products and heavy
metals to build up
in our bodies.

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