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Our goal is to alert and inform the readers of this website to the covert hazardous Chemtrail spraying of heavy metals and chemicals to control weather patterns and to mask radar signals of high and low flying aircraft. It is huge growing concern for many chemtrail aware people that chemtrails could also be used to spray and deliver biological agents that could easily include deadly viruses that could one day be used to quickly reduce the human population on our planet!

We urge you to look up to the sky to view the obvious grid patterns of long-lasting chemical ssmoke plumes that are being sprayed into the sky by high flying aircraft. Watch these chemtrails slowly dissipate into the upper atmosphere to rain down on us to make its way into our bodies. Professional independent laboratory testing of the outdoor air for heavy metals and an assortment of chemicals before and after chemtrail spraying have proven that chemtrails are real and this should be a real concern for we the people that need to speak out against these actions that are already having a negative affect on our lives by way of global occurrences of drought, crop failures, fish, mammal and wildlife die offs as well as large noticeable increases in human disease that include allergy, asthma and respiratory problems. Be Proactive! Please question chemtrail spraying and urge our government representatives to force transparency and disclosure of the real facts that surround chemtrail spraying so this poisoning can be forced to stop once and for all!

Please know that the natural detox mineral in powdered form called zeolite is without question the best way to safely remove the toxic heavy metals being put into our bodies from chemtrail spraying and from other pollutants containing heavy metals in both our indoor and outdoor air environments. Tell others about zeolite as a heavy metal detox!

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